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About Us

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We're a family-owned business based in Scott County, Kentucky, with a passion for transforming spaces into dream homes. It all started with our own DIY projects, which soon evolved into helping friends and family revamp their spaces. Over time we honed our skills and expanded our expertise to projects of all sizes. Witnessing the joy our work brings to others, we decided to turn our passion into a full-time venture. We have invested in trainings and certifications and are fully licensed and insured for general contracting. Our company has continued to grow, offering not only remodels and additions but full custom home builds as well.


Let us show you why choosing Phoenix Built for your project will be a decision you'll never regret.



At Phoenix Built, we offer expert General Contractor Services all over central Kentucky.

Whether its a remodel, home addition, or a brand new custom home, we are here to bring YOUR DREAM TO LIFE.


Home Remodeling

We offer remodeling services for any room in your home. Whether you are looking to finish your basement, update your kitchen, or change the layout of your home entirely, our team is here to help!

Home Additions

Looking to increase the square footage of your home? Adding onto your existing structure not only increases your property value, but it will increase the functionality of your house as well.

New Builds

Building a home should be a process that you enjoy and our process assures you that it will be! We partner with only the best professionals in the region to ensure the highest quality experience. Click the link below to learn more



No large deposits, no ambiguous charges.  Most contractors require large draws not tied to any specific work. At Phoenix Built, we invoice only the specific line items of the project that we are working on. This protects you by ensuring the money you are paying is actually spent on the work being completed. 

Prior to committing to Phoenix Built, we will meet with you to discuss the following:
  • Final project details
  • Your project’s timeline
  • Our construction process
  • What you can expect from us
  • Your responsibilities during the project.

We want to ensure you have a full understanding and vision of exactly how the project will be run and executed prior to signing on the dotted line.

Knowledge is gold – and you knowing when and where everyone will be on your project down to the day allows you to plan and prepare, while also keeping our completion date on track. That’s why we assess your job timeline each week, updating you with any changes from the original timeline. 


We view our relationship as a true partnership and we dig in where our competitors put up walls. Phoenix Built views our role as your dedicated representative, diligently safeguarding your property and finances as if they were our own. You have entrusted us to serve as your knowledgeable guide and advocate, and we deeply value the weight of that responsibility.




Contractors often get in hot water because of the way they invoice. Most create a draw schedule and say “Give me 50% up front, 30% at the half way mark, and the final 20% when completed.” The problem is that they take your deposit and spend it on the previous job that they mismanaged. Then, halfway through your job, they run out of money. This is the biggest reason General Contractors have a bad name – the ‘fly by night’ contractors that take your money and don’t finish the work. We have made all of those kinds of mistakes in the past and now we work very hard to not put you or us in that kind of a situation.


Unlike Phoenix's detailed processes from estimation through final invoice, most Contractors do not take the time to plan and communicate with you so you know exactly what is happening next on your project. If you are considering hiring another contractor, PLEASE come to a Client Engagement Meeting with Phoenix prior to making your decision. Let us transparently share how we run our job sites and ensure your satisfaction as our client.


Timing is everything – and not laying out a defined timeline prior to starting and maintaining that timeline throughout the project will always lead to missed completion dates and additional costs. Before picking a contractor, ask them if they will be providing an itemized Gantt chart prior to starting as well as weekly throughout the project.


Most Contractors have one goal – make as much money as possible and get out of there. This leads to an ‘Us vs. Them’ mentality where their goal is to pry as much money out of you. Phoenix flips the script and positions our company as your advocate and representative. It’s no longer you vs. the contractor, but a partnership in getting your project done on time and on budget. We layout how this is accomplished during our Client Engagement Meeting.

Work Process


Clients initiate contact through the website, providing basic project details and contact information. The more details you provide, the better we can estimate the cost and timeline of your project up front.



After a site visit and final quote, we have a client engagement meeting to go over detailed project plans including timelines, milestones, and resource allocation. At time a contract is signed and it's go time!



Throughout the building process there will be clear communication and photo updates. Upon completion, we will conduct a final walkthrough with the client to ensure satisfaction and address any remaining concerns.


Your home should be a space that truly reflects your lifestyle and preferences. We are committed to working alongside you to ensure personalized interior customization to make your vision come alive.

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